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    This dream started out with my waking up in my room in kind of a shock. As I peered around my room I saw a dark figure in the corner, and i immediately run towards the door, but i am unable to open it. Im then grabbed by said dark figure and hurled around the room like a rag-doll, then i black out. I happen to wake up again, still dreaming, and try running for the door again. I start banging on the door hoping my dad will wake up and help me, but there is no answer. I continue waking up and trying everything possible to escape this "demonic" presense in my room for what seems like forever. In this attempts I try screaming, but I cant. I struggle to fight off this demon, but I cant. Everything im trying to do fails. I finally awake from my dream in terror, thinking that i will never wake up from it.

    Im afraid to be in my house and sleep sometimes. Ive had dreams like this before and some clarity would help me alot.

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    Hello, nickpalerm0.

    Normally when a spirit shows up, that isnt very nice, is to drive you out. Fortunatley for you, you have been tought that spiritual things are from a spiritual world or such the like, or you might be having different experiances. But since thats where you are, thats where the experiances are, and since it doesnt want you there, its because your getting to close to the truth. Since proof of God comes from God only, they have to give you fear to drive you away from that. Its a protected place, and even if your not in prayer over it, just because you are a good person is enough to do that. They dont want you there. This kind of event can go hand in hand with family problems too, because to solve the problems leads tot he same place for help.

    What normally helps is to clear your room of all books or any objects that a bad spirit may attach itself to. Then pull up a table or have a night stand by your bed, where you can place a king james bible, place no other kind. It has to be within reach. Then in the morning and at night you read only out of the new testement something reasonable, then pray like this. Our heavenly father i ask....... ask for something that is needed, then thank him for something you believe he has done. If you pray for things not needed like for a lot of money it wont go well. Do this every morning when you get up, and every night before bed, and things in life will get better, and your dreams will be better.

    In life when we struggle with the examples around us, and reinvent things to suit ourselves, we tend to hurt ourselves more than we should. Its not so much about what is said, its whats done. A good example for the same reason is much more valuable even coming from someone that doesnt seem to do everything right. like going to work, living in a small apartment and saving your money for you house, like putting in lights that dont cost you that much in expences and doing things that save you alot of time. Its about living a full life and not having to stuggle for what you need, or watching other struggle. When we have disagrements over how things should be done, dreams like that come. So really is about examples.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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