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    I saw on my right three dragons all red in color. One was the largest, the other two seem to be following the largest. The largest dragon was in the middle with the smaller two on the left and right of the leader. The leader dragon had its wings up while walking. There was a white fence on my left side next to the three dragons.

    I saw bright green grass. I noticed they are walking closer to me across from where I was at. I felt this urgent fear and need to run for my life. I ran and they were still walking behind me, getting closer. I ran until, I ran up a hill that looked familiar in many of my dreams. The hill had dark green grass and led into a huge secluded park. The park looked like it could be used for a large cemetary.

    I ran until I came upon an old white colored building. I ran through hallways that had white doors and around many corners.. I came upon a small older window with a noise coming from it.The noise of a loud machine.The window was a small rectangular shape with a dusty screen on it.

    I ripped the screen off, and broke the window on my left side. I ran after I realized the window was too small to climb through. I ran around a corner in the left most furthest corner area. To explain it there was a hidden corner hallway. This again was on my left side. If a person looked at the wall it would just look like the ending of a wall. When I ran up to it there was another halllway behind it.

    I ran into a restrroom where I found two other little boys and their mom. I told them hurry up hide in the restroom stalls and lock the doors. The two boys wanted to hide with me but, one was being too noisy. I told him shh you have to be quiet we will be found. I noticed when I looked out the stall door my left side had no wall and I had no door in front of me. I looked straight out at the dirty looking hallway behind the hidden corner.I could hear the dragons getting closer.

    The mom said I am sorry my kids are being a pain here I will handle them. I said I did not mean it like that. Don't you see I am trying to save all of our lives?Something snapped in me after that. I saw myself looking down at me. I could see the back of my head but, I was no longer a girl.

    I turned into a boy with short brown hair. I decided to fight back.I was tired of apologizing for trying to do the right thing and running away.This was the last thing I saw before I woke up from my dream.

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    Hello, Tigger777.

    Sounds kind of like one i had, and this is a kind of dream i see alot on here from time to time, but has been awhile. The dream indicates that you were headed in the right directions spiritually but got sidtracked by things. Normally the picture includes a hill, a white house or house of some kind, a beast of some kind or creature, and a wooded area of some kind, and even a river. The house is the house of blame and ridicule, where your not supposed to go, and hide out, because once there its hard to leave. Everyone that goes in gets traped somehow or cought up in something. The place of the dead is protected by a beast that will devour you, for real in the dream or not. ITs not a good place to be.

    It also seems to be a common theme with seeking a imortal being, seeking the place of the dead who are not dead, like God or angels. The thing is most who seek, dont find and are cought up in other places that dont hold any truth or very little. People get cought up in believing they are better because they are saved, often rebuking others who dont fit their standards or they might get the hero complex and go out to fight for the cause in some way. Others even find themselves hating other churchs because of what they hear, or protesting things they shouldnt be. Its more about the example, in how to live a good life, to show everyone.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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