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    Default Murdering loved ones

    I've had these dreams since early high school-I'm entering my sophomore year of college now; in my dreams I brutally murder and torture people I love such as family members, friends, etc., I've only had one dream where I tortured myself. In one of these dreams, I took my best friend, hung her in my garage with a chair beneath her feet where she could barley touch her toes to it, then I took a wooden-splintery spoon and scooped out her eyes from her sockets and shoved them into her mouth. After that I took a rusty razor blade and slit little slits into her body all over-making her scream and swallow her eye balls, then I took a bottle of gasoline and pour it on her toes and light it on fire, watching her feet burn slowly and enjoying her screams of pain-then I shove the chair out from under her, being bored of her pain.

    I've had several of these types of dreams, each sick and twisted as the last-I hope some one can tell me what the hell is wrong with me

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    Default Re: Murdering loved ones

    I'm no expert, but its maybe from your previous lives and we usually have many of the them. While I think we don't really wake up until our vehicle runs out of gas, so I believe we are being tested to see how far we can learn from our past lives. We are at war with ourselves, the negative energies and positive energies who are within your self, wants to take control of our bodies.

    Don't worry to much about this, we all have these type of dreams about doing something wrong. I had one a couple of months ago about hitting someone with an axe, to the head. It was spooky. You gotta be happy as much as possible, don't let your ego get in your way from achieving that. Listen to your heart and be the best person you can be. It's about rising you consciousness.
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