Hi, guys:

This year has gone very fast and I didn't do much yet. The days have passed like a second ago...

And I've been feeling restless and un-settled, also very fluctuating. Because my sensitivity to the environment and things happening around us-the earth and human and nature, I couldn't feel easy.

The feeling that I couldn't stay still makes me think the vison of future is not very clear to me. Everything seems changing in a very fast pace. People come, then disappear. No matter in the way of changing location or circumstance. The old way of holding things together is so hard. Simple things because difficult, even enjoy the time to relax is hard for me. I felt everything is so momentary and couldn't make plans for future. I believe it is not only me feeling this way, because everyone seems struggle of conduct normal routines.

My vison of a future is still very weak, that's way I couldn't concentrate on 'now' and make plans for a future.

I think the vibration of earth and nature has increased to a very changable/unstable level and I can't deny that I felt it and not sure what's gonna happen next.

Not trying to be negative but this is how I felt.

Different oppinions are welcome and I'm not mean to be negative all the time.

Sweet dreams,