Dianne (my younger sister) and I got letters from our nasty, old high school. We had to be repeat the same grade even though we passed all of our exams. Ms. Leathers said we had too. We had to take the same class I took during my first year of junior while Dianne took the same class during her first year of sopmore. When we came back to school, all the students made fun of us. Mr. Leathers saw us and said he did that to teach us a lesson. Dianne and I had horrible times at high school because the kids mean to us. Dianne was going to get raped. I wanted to sue the school but Mr. Leathers said I wanted to hurt everyone and wanted to send me to a mental hopstial. We came back home. We went outside to talk about how much we hated hillside. Our neighbor, Jessica and Shawn, we told them what happened and Shawn happens to be a lawyer and helped us sue the school for harrassment and principals for being morons. The school was shut down and we finally got send to ce jordan (the most popular school with smart students). The rest had to go to other schools that are like hillside. In May, I wanted to sue the school but Mr. Leathers and the two officers (durham and school) thinks I wanted to kill everyone but I wonder if suing someone is going to kill anyone. He said I need to visit the mental hopstial to see if they can recommond anyone. He told me I am never going to jordan and that is that. What does this dream mean? Schools should be sued because the principals aren't doing anything about students getting bullied?