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    Default Hi newbie here with a very disturbing dream

    Hi everyone, I'm really glad I found this forum I've been wanting to find a place to talk about dreams. I have a lot of dreams that I can talk about, but the one I'm going to mention is the one I had last night which was infinitely disturbing and depressing to me.

    In the dream I was in a house on like some plains (flatland) with my family and my sisters boyfriend, who I've been friends with for over 20 years, hes pretty much my best friend.

    Suddenly a bunch of tornado's start touching down and just tearing stuff apart. We're somewhat safe inside the house although it was weird a little mini tornado came through the door, I punched it and it dissipated.

    So the tornado's stop and the house is still standing. We go outside and all of a sudden more tornado's touch down and destroy the house. My friend was absolutely devastated that it was destroyed, if I remember correctly it seemed as if he had a pet(s) inside the house when it went down. The tornado's dissipate again and my friend is on his hands and knees crying saying "I can't do this anymore"

    He pulls a handgun out of his pocket, I scream NO! and he blows his brains out. I was immediately jarred out of sleep and was practically in tears from the experience.

    There is a lot of stressful goings on in my life and also my friends life as well. Please ask any questions if you want to know, because going over it would require many pages.

    Thank you and I'm happy to be a member! The next dream I post will be much less disturbing I promise.

    Edit: I think I posted this in the wrong forum, I meant to put it in the Dream Interpretation forum
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    Default Re: Hi newbie here with a very disturbing dream

    Hello, seniorSquishy.

    I normally view tornados as people who cause problems, a disturbance of the air, and air is what is between everyone, basically sound. A bulding in a dream, is the total sum of what a person knows all condenced down into a small place, which is why you can walk from one room into another and be totally in a different place. The human mind likes to make things simple.

    The main cause for suicide in men, is when they realize they have lost everything, for whatever reason. The idea of love for a man, is being believed in, since this is a godly attribute haded to men from God as part of the creation image handed down. So men do things so people will believe in them, and also so they can believe in themselves. If a man looses everything, he feels no longer believed in, and cannot believe in himself, and acts the way he feels. Since being believed in is love, he no longer feels loved, and even begins to hate himself and everyone around him. This can be a sudden reflex action taken by some men, but there is also a slow reflex action that men do just in living life and discovering what love is. Some men who lie a lot may wind up with someone they dont really want to be with, but had excepted them in a poor condition that they were in at the time. In learning what love is, they change for the better through a narcassistic view, to find out they really dont want to be in the situation theyre in, or may have known all along and are waiting for a chance to jump. But more likley the latter of the two if he lies in the first place, then the previouse if he doesnt but only in the previouse will he think about suicide.

    A gun may symbolise blame, or what that person is doing over time to cause a bad situation to peak in its final moments. Which bullets may symbolize a repition of a not healthy attribute. Something mind blowing may mean something along the line of having to deal with a problem that he now knows for sure he has to deal with.

    Im not sure i can sum the dream up, you will have to play it by ear with him because i wont know enouph.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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    Default Re: Hi newbie here with a very disturbing dream

    tornados means an accidental event and if you are inside of your house and you'll be ok with the sudden event.
    However the emotion you are experienceing might be some other people's bad situation, which make you feel sorry/sad about.
    It seems you felt sorry for your friends situation and the tears means your compassion about it.
    There are a lot of emotion going on in your dream and maybe your friend will be in some difficult situation or really bad situation, which will make you feel sad about.
    However as long as the tonoado not getting you, you'll be fine with your life.

    Good luck,

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