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Thread: Alien dream

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    Default Alien dream

    Hello, everyone

    Yesterday i had a strange dream, where i was standing outside a downtown building, lots of old bricks, and a double door. There were a few people with me, and we went in looking around, and found that a alien being had taken the building over. It grew thoughout the building across the walls, like cobwebs and we had found a way though the membrain into another room. Then we figured that we would come back later, and left, then found another buiding made of wood. We entered the wood building and found some people lived there, and looked around for a place to stay but decided we would look around some more. As we left the people decided they had been found out, and didnt want the alien to find them, so they broke the place up finding everything they could, even taking the dead bodys from the walls, and catching rats to eat. We went back to the brick building and upon entering the alien being had grown even more so we could not tell what anything was, so we left, and found a store. We went up the entry way of the store only to find that the people inside had blocked the doors and wouldnt let anyone inside. We tried to enter but they pushed us back with brooms and shovels. So we put ourselves in a cage, which suprised the people in the store as we pushed our way past the doors, then they left us alone.

    I dont know what its like in your town, but ours is empty almost. There are stores, but nothing really interesting, not like when i was younger. There used to be a dime store, and when you went inside there were glass candy counters with a old cash register, and everything you could want was in that store. Behind it was a grocery store, then there was the drug store, sears, and a few other nice places. Then we used to cruse in our cars through town to show them off for fun. None of thats there anymore, and seems like everyone doesnt have a center point anymore. Seems like if anyone wants to do anything they have to leave town for it. Im thinking the Alien is anti-Amercan? What do you think?

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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    Default Re: Alien dream

    I think you are being showed two conflicting paths into reality (perhaps ways of life is a good way to describe this) first clue is the double doors. showing that the dream will be multilayered and have two options and meanings... this is the sort of dream you may want to meditate on over a period of time gaining more each time you consider it. first we have a science future alien world (the modern world that becomes more confusing and entangled every day) then we have the wood path (wood being spiritual) this is a simpler and typically impoverished option.. the dream does have a lot of money symbols, brick vs wood as a key example but also the ever increasing alien presence vs the starving rat eating option.

    with this view on the dream you may want to read back over it and draw your own knowledge from it.

    good luck.

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