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    Question Apples and whispering

    I was with my brother and his fiancee. We each had to make a wish. They wished for material things and when it was my turn to wish, I looked down to see a circle of eight apples perfectly aligned and also I had one apple in my hand. I started to cry and whispered, "I just want to be happy." I actually said this out loud and woke myself up. What does this mean?? :a30:

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    Default Re: Apples and whispering

    it's pointing towards a depression your feeling about people who act without morals seeming to get what they want, while people who act morally seem to have a harder time with very little recognition. it's also a dream about relationships and potential future partners. i live by the saying 'i would rather have no body than the wrong body and till then i won't have any body'
    I was confused at first when reading this dream as it didn't have water in it and yet all the other clues point to strong emotions but i think that was kept out as the dream was already on the edge of waking you up and the inner self's intentions was not to emotionally mess you up all day :p

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