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    Ok first allow me to give a bit of information about myself.

    I am a Christian and iv been following God(Yahweh) seriously for the past three years. One of the first things i said to him when i became serious is that i will not follow him if i cannot hear him since i dont want to be lead around by my feelings and dream impressions alone and i also ask for wisdom and understanding on a daily basis and i try to keep an open mind towards everything. Well over the past few months iv been lead down the path of "Magic" and conversing with spirits. Iv always seen spirits since a child...not spirits of the dead but angelic beings...Good,Evil, and indifferent. Before my studies in magic started i was having dreams of controlling...well not controlling but recieving aid from spirits goodly divine and demonic alike. I dreamed of controlling snakes which normally mean demonic spirits.(Contrary to popular belief demonic spirits can be used for Good) Iv dreamed that spirits were helping me on different projects from construction to simple things around the house. Once i began to study The key of solomon, the 6th and 7th book of moses i began to dream of controlling spirits of the elements. My guardian spirit was showing me how to command the spirits of the element of water. The other night i had a dream about the Sun strange thing is it had the face of a man and radiated brilliant bright light the sun...i did a bit of research and come to find out thats the image of Och(Sol) the angelic governor of the Sun provinces. Then today i had this strange dream that i was in an Industrial Park or work area of some sorts and there was a bunch of lizards that looked like a cross between Horned-Lizards and Komodo dragons. They had the body style of the horned lizards but the teeth and jaws of a komodo dragon and they were the size of medium size dog. It must have been around 30-40 of them. Strange this is they were colored like the rainbow and their skin looked crystal line in appearance. I heard a voice say something about the aggressiveness of the lizards. I cant remember word for word what was said. As i maneuvered around the lizards some were very docile and didnt even notice me but then i came across some that were highly aggressive and they began to chase me and they incited the others to chase me. What really struck me as odd as they chased me though is that they would leap and try to land on me to pin me down i barely escaped being mauled by a few of them and getting away from them was extremely hard since you could run up and down stairs and they would follow you with ease. I have no idea what the dream could mean but i do know that the color of the lizards are the colors of the Olympic spirits. Im wondering if they are trying to tell me something.

    I would like unbiased opinions please

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    Default Re: Message from olympus

    unbiased? ask a 2yr old. i'll try to keep my bias out of it though ;)

    when your running from something or someone in a dream the dream clearly has some fear in it. and part of the dreams topic would be clearly "fear"

    so what is the fear? one of the first experiences we have of fear is being scolded by our parents. usually it's a fear of what "dad will think" and so we start to curb the kind of person and what we believe from birth to please our parents.. then come the bad dreams of being chased and consumed that are so common for kids and teens... they are usually being chased and consumed by something that represents a father figure.

    not so in your dream.

    your being chased by an idea, an idea can be held or owned by anyone, 10 people could come up to you on the street at random and have the same idea.

    trying to go up stairs in your dream is a big hint on whats happening, it's telling me the dream is all about arguments and debate, problem solving in general.

    you've spent a lot of time outlining the kind of person you are, and thank you for that it makes it much easier to personalize an interpretation. so leaning on that this is what i think your dream means.

    you've been a Christian for a few years now, not really long enough to have deep understanding of it's principles nor long enough to stand on your own two feet to rebuff the arguments against Christianity that can come pouncing onto you from strangers and friends at random. so your fearing this kind of confrontation. "what if someone makes a comment about my belief that i can't argue with?" thats the reasonable question your dream is asking you.
    so what if? no one is perfect and you don't need to have all the answers. i'm not Christian but what i do know is this: faith is independent of knowlege or education, it's a personal matter between you and your god. if your talking to him/it then inside you is the knowledge that he's real. that is a perfectly reasonable way to say "shut the F up" to anyone who starts trying to pull apart your belief.

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    Default Re: Message from olympus

    Hello, enigmatic.

    Im not sure where your trying to go with reading that stuff, i believe its only going to get you more lost in the long run. True dreams kinda get cloged up and become hard to interpret with that stuff in it, because if a angelic being does come they must touch a physical thing to manifest themselves, then having to use that material. I imagine that is more to the dream, though is hard to see, though i think under the conditions of the dream Leon did well for the most part. Im not one for beliveing in magic, nore that mortal man will ever be able to wield it. To me thats for angels and God, and when we get there. If you want to know the secret to great power, thats being humble with no power. It says in the bible that God knows the hearts of man, and he does, thats the second most powerfull thing to know. Its where your heart is. Most people neglect God, if they know it or not, most people would like to believe they are psychic or can have some power or wield some power, while others believe they can wield the words of the bible. Kind of the same concepts. If a persons heart is with God, then its what God thinks thats important, not what anyone can tell us, but what God can show us. Not what we can read in the bible, or in any book. Its when you come to understand that no one can tell you the truth, because no one knows the answers, only then to realize the answers only come from God. A lot of people really have trouble getting answers from God, and thats because of how they think about the hole thing. A true master might tell you its in the abba father, in wanting to be like him, and in searching for the true meaning of whats written in the bible with the intent on being like God. Abel had this mindset when he made his offering to God, and for that is the example for everyone. Everyone in the bible was like that, even Elijah, thats when God comes to help to show the example to everyone. Since God works by example, its no longer ridicule, and the old covenant of God is transformed and completed with Christ the best example. Though there are a few people alive today that have had seen those things, its very few and far between because of the current teachings. The old ways are the best way, the original way.

    Peace and Love in Jesus.

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    Default Re: Message from olympus

    Hmm... sounds like an ultimatum? ..
    "One of the first things i said to him when i became serious is that i will not follow him if i cannot hear him since i dont want to be lead around..."
    I wonder how your life is going?

    now no bias part... I would say that it is a warning dream. Watch out for lizards types. They can hide in plain site.

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