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    Question dreaming off soul mate? and warm heart in heart when touched in dream??

    Hi everyone
    I want to share a occuring dream ive been haveing since the age off 3 and i am now 22 and wondering if anyone could please help me to understand or share there experiances?

    My dream is about me with a man i believe to be my soul mate?
    In this dream myself and him are truely in love with each other he is my world and i am his. We have a baby daughter togeather and he works away in the army preferbly. I sit there with my baby daughter waiting and waiting for him to return home to us. But he never shows and inside i know somethings wrong i then recieve a phone call that he has been killed or ive lost him. I sit in that same house in that same room crying and crying looseing the best thing nthats happened to me. I then hear his voice telling me that he will always love me and nether forget me. I can hear him but i cant see him. Then its like something jumps in my heart and warms it up like a touch inside my heart like somethings reaching into my heart in my real body not my dreaming body.

    And dreams throughout the years are just off me and my daughter.

    please help if you can help me to understand this dream and off the warm touch in my heart? like someone reached out to my heart and touched it

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    Default Re: dreaming off soul mate? and warm heart in heart when touched in dream??

    Hello, free-spirit.

    The ages you tell, are what i know as development ages, stages in life we are making up our minds of how we are going to be, and how we are going to achieve the things we want out of life. The first age of three is the first choice we make, set by example of those around us for attention. Some people choose to lie, cheat, or steal to get the attention they want, while others choose to tell the truth, to help out, and to give of themselves. The second age is the age of eight and that is normally because of something that takes place in life to make the second choice. Normally if the first choice was wrong, it was because the examples were wrong that caused a problem with what everyone around us would want, and get. That will cause the individual to dislike the new way of life, and wish the old one back. The third choice comes around the age of fifteen, reinforcing the one made at the age of three of how to conduct themsleves, and that is of another role model the person will choose to be like. The age of twenty two, is the finished choice of how to be like, all the choices are built upon each other, and life experaince reinforcing the belief system. Most people wont ever remember making those choices, though the human mind through genetics is pre-set at birth to discover what is there, and to mimic what it sees by the examples shown to them. This is because the univers was created in the same manner with set standards as to how things work, and we being created with the same image as to reflect this.

    This stuff im telling is my own material, no one elses, and from no book. This is because im one of the few people alive who can remember what took place after birth, and i can remember my mother talking to me, but i couldnt yet talk or walk. The reason why we walk and talk is for attention we are no longer getting when we are placed in a crib, so we struggle for that extra attention. When we are able to crawl, we go to our parents to show them what we can do,, so we can hear the praise more often, but in doing this we are able to see more clearly what is around us, and are in discover mode which get us into trouble. As a child we dont want to do things that are bad, we dont understand we are doing anything bad, we just want attention, or to discover, no differance to us and the rejection we recieve we cry, because its uncomfortable to us, not only that, but makes us unwanted or rejected. The same when we learn to walk, we go to our parents to show them for attention, but also to discover whats there, and since we can get closer to our parents we start picking up on words and listening. That brings about the discovery that words have meaning, and the moment a child learns to point at objects to gain the words to learn to speak. This goes on to the age of three or four years old to the point of how the child chooses to conduct themselves with others. This continues through each age stage of mental development untill the age of twenty two when the mental development is complete for the choice part. There are more discovery stages after this because the person may not fully understand the outcome, which may take up to the age of thirty seven to complet the full knowlege of what happened to them. This is mainly because the examples for those choices are not there, so the person has to keep looking.

    What i might suggest is that what you have chosen to be like, and in what you are looking for may not exist in the area you live in. You might be supprised that there are areas that the people are very different, and somtimes only a thousand miles makes a really big differance in how a population acts. If to many people ignore who they really are, and stop caring it will cause this paradox. there could be more to this as i dont know you very well, just the pattern.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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