I've had nightmares before, but none ever seemed to be so intense, while it may not have been particularly scary, it was enough to startle me to search for answers.

A little background about me/family history before i get into the bulk of the nightmare. My family has a history of cancer on both sides, and while we've never lost anyone to the disease (we've been lucky) the idea that the disease even came into play concerns me a bit. I've also had a friend i was close to who committed suicide a year or so after we graduated high school.

All this being said here is what was contained in my dream:

At first the dream seemed normal, i was at my parents home, enjoying a family dinner. Afterward my father and i were having a conversation, and as it turns out I myself was going through a new line of chemotherapy treatment.

I didn't want to be taken out of the program and seemed very upset during the dream because i was apparently informed if i started to see things, the doctor would immediately take me out of the program in which he believed may be my only way to survive the disease as they found it too late. (i at this point in time had no idea why i was upset over this as the dream seemed to be sad but normal)

As the dream continued on, i was back in my apartment with my father and the girl who had passed away for at least 2 years now, only my father was unable to see her and she was constantly whispering in tones that i couldn't quite hear. She seemed to appear as she always had so again i didn't think anything of it at the time. But the dream at this point began to strike me as odd.

My father was staying with me at this point because the chemotherapy was making me too weak to live safely on my own, so he was helping me. As we entered my room (i'm not exactly sure why he was with me, the dream gets a little fuzzy here).

My room in my apartment is laid out with a sliding glass door for the balcony to the right if you enter it and my bed on the far wall about 6 feet away from the door. However in my dream it was pressed up against the near left wall to the doorway but appeared to be a bunk bed rather than my normal queen sized one. As i got near to it i noticed there were leather straps and a device on it. While myself in the dream didn't seem to think anything of it i began to find this all really odd. I was standing to the left wall, taking some medication from my dresser when the sliding glass door opened and a puff of redish smoke poured into the room, the door closing behind it with a strange hissing sound. The smoke dissipated quickly, but even in my dream it was so real as if i could feel an entity press up against me and force me back into the wall and it seemed i could smell this thing's breath. It whispered something menacing to me that i can't quite recall about standing in front of a window which suddenly appeared to my left as i was pressed into the wall.

At this point the odor and heat of the breath startled me enough to wake me up. I've been shaken up by this dream all week. I probably should have made this post the day it happened as it's been 5 days and a lot of it is fuzzy now, but it seems whenever i get a spare moment i begin to ponder it.

While i don't want to be hasty as I really know nothing of dreams, and what it is they might mean, a few things concern me. One of which is, could i be next in line for cancer? Two, is one of my loved ones in danger of being afflicted with the disease? Three what was this unseen entity? I don't like the idea of jumping to the conclusion that it's a demon. I do a bit of reading on forums about paranormal and find it annoying how many people tend to go straight to this. Lastly the 4th question i have is why would i see my friend in my dream now? Is she serving as a guardian of some sort, or a messenger?

Anyways any insight would be wonderful, thanks in advance.