My name is Thomas and I need some help..I have understood and respected the Power of Dreams since I was a teenager,I have studied and practiced Lucid Dreaming for years and have many friends who do so as well one of whom runs "Dream Classes" at a Spiritual Shop.Last night I had 2 dreams..extremely vivid and for the first time I can remember they left me feeling..odd.

As normal when I have Lucid Dreams I wrote them both down as soon as I woke up but unlike normal it didnt ease the feelings I had.All day I have felt a heaviness in my chest and without work I can recall the dreams immediately and when I do I am overcome at times with sadness to the point of tears and at times with a sense of loss that is very profound.When I went about my daily business everything seemed..unreal,colors were too bright sounds too muted and its as if I am not fully in the "here".

I have never had this happen before..I have spoken to friends and even family and no one has been able to help me understand the dreams let alone the feelings Ive had all day.Both Dreams were extremely detailed and vivid and they were both very unlike the person I am.Normally I would have one "Lucid" dream and then the rest would just be normal ones but after my first dream and sitting bolt upright when I laid back down what seems immediately the 2nd dream came.

If more information is needed I can Post the dreams but they are long and detailed..would first like some insight into the after effects.