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Thread: jesus

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    Last night i had a dream that me and very small group of people met jesus. We were hanging out someone apartment in there bedroom and we knew he was coming, so we just sat around anxiously waiting. Finally he showed up, When i saw him i was in shock, i couldn't take my eyes off of him. I remember being so real, it was like my heart stopped. When i calmed down a little bit i noticed that he was just kinda sitting there smiling at me. A very inviting smile almost like he was trying to make me feel comfortable and thats what happened. He was wearing a white robe and red hair but i wanted to look at him closer so I moved up on the bed we were all waiting on so i could get a closer glimpse of him. He had four fingers and four toes on his hands and feet and and this amazed me so i just looked up into his face he was looking right back at me and says " dont worry". So I didnt eventually we all started to talk( i cant remember what about). But i do remember at one point him smoking weed with all of us. I remeber one of the people was a girl i had crush on in hs and she wasnt the smoking type and even without hesitation smoked. By the end of the dream i remember laughing a lot and being very care free and before he left he gave us all our own little bags of weed out of his pocket. they were all different sizes as if each one was meant for a specific person. He gave me mine last and it just so happened to be the smallest one. The last thing i remember thinking was "why was he doing this?"

    please keep in mind that im not some religous fanatic or even a church goer anymore and i dont have any remorse about it but i am spiritual, i do believe in jesus and i occasionally pray to the sun.

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    a had also a problem before about conflict of religions between my boyfriend and I. We are all christians but I am independent catholic and he was baptist. He wanted our wedding in his church and I wanted in our church. Later I found out that he has another girlfriend, same religion as his, so I ended our relationship. It hurts me so much but my prayer helped and guided me. I prayed and talked to God (month of January)that if He has someone reserve for me to be my husband, He must send to me by next month to be my Valentine. My prayer has been answered, on Valentine's Day I received the first letter from a penpal who become husband. I knew God had sent my husband to me as I also dreamt of him before I met him. If you are meant with other it will happen in God's Will.

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    hi Lafapalooza thanks for sharing your dream ... I too have had a dream of Jesus I posted a while back on here but i had to become a member and a lot of my older posts have since been lost I feel that your dream was a sign to show you that Jesus was down to earth and relatable i think thats what the weed signifies, i believe his 4 fingers and 4 toes symbolizes that his earthly body isnt perfect as we are not perfect and we are created in his image. the different bag sizes could resemble your connection to him . maybe his influence you allow in your heart you really should ask him for more clarification and let him know if you are open to recieving more of his love and grace :)
    "Just my opinion" May God Bless you and Keep you in Jesus Name !!

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