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    Lightbulb my younger sister, our friend and i become slaves

    Dianne (my younger sister) and our friend Kia are playing outside. We see a gray kitten and we go after it. We chase it til we go into a old man's yard and we hear an alarm. He comes out and yells at us and dragged us into his car. He was going to take us military school. He yelled at us throughout the whole car trip til he had a heart attack and the car crashed into a mailbox and that mailbox belonged to my old seventh grad crush, Tyquan Harris. He lived on his own. He went outside and got really mad at us. He whipped us with his belt and we became his slave. He made me walk his four pit bulls and I lost two of them and he hit me across the face with his belt hard. It's horrible. He kept calling us names and how he wanted to rape all three of us. Kia said he was pretty sexy because of his muscles. I couldn't stop looking at his buff body whenever he is not wearing a t-shirt. When we were asleep, Kia and Dianne noticed I wasn't in bed. They went to look for me and they saw Tyquan and I in bed, naked. We made love. I told him that I really loved him and wanted to make love to him and we did. He told me I had pretty eyes and I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Kia and Dianne had their mouth wide opened.

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    Default Re: my younger sister, our friend and i become slaves

    the old love triangle... i might be old so i hope this message translates to your generation :P consider this

    Clark Kent loves Louise Lane. Louise Lane loves Superman. Superman can only ever love himself. the no win love triangle.. why do girls go for the bad man? do they think he is stronger? which one is stronger Clark or Superman?

    the answer is Clark.. as they both have the same powers and weaknesses we need to look at the one difference. Clark can contain himself, he has self control. Superman has no self control he is all about image and showing off.

    Think about that and hopefully you will find a Superman hidden in glasses. then you will avoid the bad boy and end up saving yourself from what you clearly know is trouble.

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