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    Default Re: Worldwide Storm & Jesus

    Quote Originally Posted by Laucashel View Post
    The Virgin Mary told me to get ready "Heat wave, heavy rain and strong flood are coming" I told the people in my dream, they mocked and laughed at me, disasters did come in my dream, many died, some followed me in a safe place, dream ended while we were thanking the Virgin Mary and praying to God. Sometimes I woke up in dreams of earthquakes. My message is not only to Catholics and Christians but to all people of the world to unite to have LOVE & PEACE. Honesty, Forgiveness and Repentance and Living with the Almighty God our Lord everyday is our Salvation. Our relation with Him, If we Trust & Love Him we have no fear for whatever disasters will come.
    Laucashel, in the midst of this record breaking heat weave where temperatures are hovering int he upper 90's and even the 100 degrees farhenheit range for weeks on end, your claim that the Virgin Mary told you to get ready for a heat wave springs to mind. Also, I combined with the warning about heavy rain which happened just prior . . . your predictions defintely have my attention!

    My own dream has been on my mind. I'm thinking the chaos in the dream isn't limited to the weather. It might symbolize the "perfect storm" where natural disasters such as droughts, earthquakes, floods, etc. occur alongside economic, religious, political and moral turmoil--shaking the foundations of civilization as we know it. The economy is bad, but we ain't seen nothing yet. If the USA defaults on its debts and the Euro crumbles total worldwide economic meltdown is on its way.

    These are scary times, but paraphrasing what you said. Let's not place our trust in governments, politicians or money--man made things are fleeting and subject to corruption and failure. PEACE comes only through trust in the everlasting God.

    From my dream:
    We know the storm was worldwide—destroying not just this little church, but every building across the world regardless of their purpose. Civilization itself has crumbled. The entire world should've ended, we few survivors realize, so why didn't it?
    I'm not positive what this dream means, if anything, but I admit to dwelling on it more often than I probably should. Many perished.

    With what's happening in the world, I really don't need a dream to clue me in that the civilization is gasping under the weight of ecological and financial chaos. I don't need a dream or religous faith to realize placing trust in worldly things--including people or the earth itself--is folly. Learning to trust in GOD ALONE isn't as easy as it sounds though. I have young children and the state of the world matters very much to me. I worry about providing for them, keeping them safe, espeically in the times to come. Christ is our anchor, I gotta learn to grab onto HIM and not let go.
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