iv had this dream every year sense i can remember, im being chased down a cobblestone road barefoot in a 17th century dress it thick and hevey i can barley breath, i feel scared and like i dont know where im going running down dark allys with little light. looking back franticly to see who is chasing me, but i cant see his face i yell and noone hears me it echos back to me and i hear him laugh at me like he knows that noone will help me. i fall because i was trying to push my hair out of my face he stops running and is walking to me all i see is his smile i remember thinking over and over. what dose he want? what dose he want? i try getting up to run again and he trips me i turn to scream at him and he lunges and i wake up i dont know what it means or why i keep having it its always the same every year.