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    Default Microwaves floting ores and deals with the devil.

    I'm usually pretty good at interpreting my own dreams but this one really had me confused and terrified . It goes like this, I'm standing in my drive way talking with my friends about how corn tastes better cooked on the stove top than in a microwave (yeah boring conversation I know) I turn around and look towards the house all the light went out there was this erie ora of red then a floating boat ore came floating at me then shot straight up into the sky. When I could no longer see it I looked down there is a hunched over (thing) writing symbols in the dirt and whispering in tongues. It then stoop up and came towards me, it looked like an old woman (but I kept thinking to myself that it was giving me that image) it's eyes were white with cataract, the skin was gray looked like one of those crazy ass witches from a horror movie with a really good make up crew. So it begins to tell me that I can give you relieve from your woes and ease your pains. I tell it there is nothing that you have that I want it got pissed at said some crazy thing to me blew ashes in my face and threw a large bird foot at my feet. Then I wake up. Now here is the scary part curiosity got the better part of me so I decided take a look at the drive way there were indeed marks of some kind and a birds foot. Now what does that mean?

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    Default Re: Microwaves floting ores and deals with the devil.

    Hello, sassylou.

    Its more than likley you were visited by a angel, one of three that travel around. The reason i think this is because they are all printers, of the old printing press. They do things a certain way to let everyone know who they are, and this one used a boat ore taking it with him to heaven. Why boat ore? To stire the cloth that they made paper out of, and often do things around laundry or washing machines, or with doors. The events between the dream and real life shows you this, as the two sides must come together to become reality.

    Its more than likley that someone was talking to you to get a feel about what you thought about certain things, and this person may like you or dislike you, though maybe using magic on you. The kind of magic people may use isnt real, though angels are. But be carefull anyway.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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