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    When I woke up this morning, "I, thank you" was inside my head. I knew I was writing these words in my dream. I got up and wrote my dream in my diary. After writing "I, thank you" I wrote "*I thank you Lord for another day*
    I thank you for giving me another day,Today I have to do whatever you want me to do, Today I have to go to wherever you want me to go, Today I have to make myself happy, my family and other people too, Today I have to make most of my time because time is so precious not to waste it, Today I have to serve you Lord for you are the creator of everything, Today I thank you Lord for keeping me safe and my family too, I thank you Lord for saving the rest of the world for tomorrow I don't know"

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    Dear Laucashel: Welcome back to Dreamcentral. I'm quite certain your dedication and tribute to the Lord will have a massive mind expanding experience for the entire readership of Dreamcentral. I should like to add the Lord sort of missed the boat in saving the Japanese and the civilians in Tripoli also. However those situations are perfectly understandable knowing when you are walking on the water you have to pay paticular attention not to trip over the waves. After all when ones attention is riveted by the waves there will be frequent intervals wherein the saving the world boat is entirely missed. Best regards, Bob



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