Whenever I have a nightmare it's usually a zombie nightmare, which I actually enjoy. I love zombie films, so perhaps that's why I wake up with a smile on my face after a nightmare. I had a zombie nightmare just last night.

Anyway it usually starts with me in an unfamiliar city in the united states (I am British, but zombie films tend to be American so perhaps that's why I am in American cities). I have no weapons, just the clothes on my back. After running around away from groups of zombies and trying to avoid dark alleyways, I come across others trying to survive. I recognise neither the survivors nor the zombies and the survivors tend to come from all over the world, but all speak English.

We band together, establish a safe house (last night it was in an apartment block) and try to keep quiet throughout the night. Sometimes I have to keep telling the other survivors to keep quiet. Last night this German guy wouldn't shut up, so myself and the rest of the survivors had to subdue him to keep him from getting us all killed. Last night the survivors also put black masking tape around the door, and I said nobody is to go out onto the landing now until morning.

The night does not last long and it is soon morning but still very dark. After being told by a resident of the apartment block that she knows where there is an arms cache within the building (which is odd and rather convenient), I lead the survivors to the weapons and we kill a bunch of zombies. Its was then when I realised I was dreaming, because its too good to be true.

On other occasions I have realised earlier in the dream that it was a dream. If I am somewhat suspicious that I am dreaming, whilst in the safe house I will try to turn the lights on and off - much to the displeasure of the other survivors because they think the zombies will see the light and attack in droves so they plead with me not to try to turn on the light.

I don't know if this goes for everybody but light switches don't work in my dreams. So when I realise I am dreaming I can either force myself awake, or I become all powerful. I can fly if I wish and I can arm myself with heavy weaponry like machine guns. This does not last for that long and I wake up, but my favourite part of the dream is when I don't know I am dreaming - I think I am in a zombie apocalypse with no weaponry.

Does anybody else enjoy nightmares or am I a little on the strange side in that regard? Is there a way to induce more nightmares? I hear you should not eat cheese before bed so would eating cheese help induce nightmares?