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    Default Recent Headaches

    I've had headaches recently and not sure anyone else is feeling the same? Or just me?

    I felt my energy level is up and down very frequently and unstable recently too.

    There is a theory saying the vibration of the earth is increasing dramatically these years especially when towards next year. I wonder if that's the case for my un-stability or is just my own environment.


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    Default Re: Recent Headaches

    Dear waterflare: Welcome back to dream central. Although as I,ve mentioned before the Mayans had no refrences to earth change event for 2012, people are preparing for an earth shift by putting on tremendous amounts of water weight. Putting on water weight to insulate oneself from earth changes can be a real trial for the body beings that we all spent so many years in a half dehydrated state. Altho its a certainty that some are ultrasensitive to earths higher vibrational levels I think the increase in water weight may account for the headaches and is quite certain to be the cause of fluxuating energy levels. Its quite amazing the putting on of water weight is entirely a reflexive adaption , as well as the systematic breakdown of legacy systems. Historically speaking in south america when the last epoch of earth change events came around some 3,600 years ago the women stopped bearing children, just like turning off of a water tap. From a religious standpoint the Bible states that God called all the Saints and religious hieracy figures home (natural deaths) before the earth changes so they would not have to endure the privations and misery of it all. As for myself, I,m a fighter, I love championing the underdog in any battle, as well as rapid reorganing things in an emergency situations. Best regards, Bob

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