Okay, so as you can probably tell by the title, I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys and last night I had this nightmare that still has me a little shaken up. Here's how it went:

The dream started out with me and Mike sitting in the parking lot at our local Dollar General store. Mike got out of the truck and went in the store for something. My step-dad's friend, Ronnie, came up to my window and asked me if I would pose nude for him and after I rejected his offer, he drug me out of the truck and started to fondle me in places that he had no right to. Mike came out of Dollar General and got Ronnie off of me, but everywhere we went, I was never safe from him. I was tore up emotionally in the dream, as any normal girl would be if that were to happen. Also, Mike kept fighting him off and fighting him off and Ronnie just kept coming back to do it again. Mike even threw Ronnie off of a bridge while they were fighting one time and Ronnie still somehow managed to find us, only to molest me again.

(Mike is my boyfriend.)