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Thread: Moons Orbit

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    Question Moons Orbit

    I had a dream on the morning of September 12th, 2010...

    In this dream I was looking up at the night sky...

    As I was looking on at the moon, I could see it visibly setting over the horizon.

    As I continued to watch, I could see that the moon was being pulled toward the earth by the gravitational pull of the earths poll (I believe the North)... which then caused the moon to begin to spiral toward the earth.

    Then the earths magnetic polls shifted places (flipping) - which after that happened, it corrected the pulling of the moons orbit toward the earth... back to a more normal orbit.

    Under Yahweh's Shadow,

    Psalm 91

    1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, Who abides under the shadow of the Almighty, 2He is saying of Yahweh, “My refuge and my stronghold, My Elohim, in whom I trust!” 3For He delivers you from the snare of a trapper, From the destructive pestilence. 4He covers you with His feathers, And under His wings you take refuge; His truth is a shield and armour...

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    I've dreamed my family an I were at a lake cabin. It was night, and wolfs walked around the place.. people have been attached as my family disappeared. I take my changes and run out the door. As I run I feel the twigs hit my arms running I look down to see I have no shoes. I leaped over a snow bank an slide down this high hill as I slide down I look up and I can see the moon it was so bright. As I stop at the bottom of the hill, the moon brightness showed me a snow filled field empty. At that times I believe I became a wolf, because how sat there I felt the difference in my breathing. i ran up the hill and started out to find my family. I work up onces I started to control my dream.. butt the moon really was soo beautiful so full and bright it was as far way as usual...

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