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    Smile Skin peeling off and...water buffalo?

    I had a really bizarre dream that I have been trying to piece together the meaning of. Below is a timeline of the main points.

    • I am on a plane with classmates from the past, but in the dream I feel they are current peers.
    • I feel out of place and embarrassed for a majority of my dream
    • The passengers are pulling down/playing with mannequin heads from where the emergency oxygen masks should be coming down from
    • I end up hiding in the bathroom in a toilet stall (similar to what you would expect to find in a school) and I feel very dirty. Like my environment is so filthy it is contaminating me.
    • One of my teachers from highschool, who in my real and waking life was very influential to me in a positive way, seems to be alienating me in the dream. She makes fun of me with the other students and is mean to me.
    • The skin on my index finger is peeling, this teacher comes up to me when I leave the bathroom and proceeds to rip the skin off, telling me she is doing it because she knows I wont do it myself. At first it does not hurt until she gets to the first joint in my finger, at this point she stops after I flinch a few times. In the dream I feel like she sees this action is a gesture of caring.
    • Looking out the window, I see a large pond surrounded by barren yellow/brown (desert) dirt. There are two black jaguars in the middle laying on a rock surrounded by water buffalo of all ages.
    • I want my Mother to see the baby buffalo, I take her outside (we are still on the plane, it seems to be grounded at this point) but immediately fear that the mother buffalo will charge us. We are very close to the massive and angry looking momma buffalo and I am almost paralyzed with fear. I still feel dirty and out of place as I had earlier in the dream...this is the end of what I remember

    I would really love to hear some opinions and insight on this dream :D

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    Default Re: Skin peeling off and...water buffalo?

    Dear ashleymac: Welcome to Dreamcentral. Terrific dream segments. I can get most of it except the water buffalo, and that may be window dressing for the dream. In my opinion the plane passengers playing with the mannequin heads is simply telling you in symbolic terms the setting of the entire dream is meant to be a game, to be taken in fun. Now the feeling of feeling dirty and contaminated is an expression of your basic morality, which I would guess is quite elevated. At that point your teacher is chiding you not for yourself but you elevated morality standards. So you go to hide from this confrontation. Upon your return your teacher, not one to give in so easily proceeds to get you out of your hard crusty skin, which is again, your high morality standards. Unfortuantely in the game of life the options are to maintain your high morality standard and remain closeted or you have the option of lowering those standards a bit and engage in experimentation. I would venture to say if your teacher was a positive influence for you in the past that posture isn't about to change, which would mean if you need to get out of your skin then that teacher is also acting in your best interests to get you out of it. Of course theres always a good chance I am completely off base in my entire interpretation. Thats just the way the matrix of the dream seems to fit together, in my way of thinking. Best regards, Bob

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