I was at some sort of recreational place for kids that was across the street from my house (its not really there, there are really houses across the street). My friend Ashley had borrowed my Mom's car to drive there (I'm not really sure why since it was right across the street). We came outside and I kept asking my friend where my Mom's car was. She pointed to one and said 'its right here!' and the car she pointed to wasn't my Mom's car. I went to the owner of the place we were at and asked them if any cars had gotten towed and they said that a few had been towed for not lining up the wheels correctly between the lines in the parking spot. I asked how much it would be to get the car out & they told me about $60. I asked Ashley if she would let me borrow the money to get the car out and I'd pay her back. She didn't say anything. I told her I'd be right back. I walked away and came back to see her running away. Some lady caught her and I remember saying that it's not her I wanted, it's her wallet. The lady gave me her wallet and I ran across the street into my Mom's house. In passing, I saw what looked like a PET scan of the lungs with a tiny part of it lit up in blu-ish green. In my dream I didn't pay much mind to the PET scan, but now that I'm awake it kind of scares me because my Dad died from lung cancer & my Mom smokes. Anyway, I ran into the kitchen and told my Mom that Ashley borrowed her car and it got towed. My Mom didn't really seem phased by it. I gave my Mom Ashley's wallet and showed her the debit card for her to go get her car out of the towing place. Then, this lady that had metal braces on her legs and two guys (they were all Asian) broke the lock and came into the house. We kept trying to ask what they wanted, but they wouldn't tell us. Then I woke up.

A few other details about my dream:
-At one point, an ex-friend of mine (who is still friends with Ashley, but their friendship is on the rocks) showed up in a different car. In 'real life', Ashley (who is gay) told this friend about her feelings for her (she's in love with her) and the other friend got uncomfortable. Also, this other friend was bent down low in the car smoking something and her aunt saw her and said 'I didn't know you did that!'
-When I was running into my Mom's house, my Mom's husband was outside playing ball with a little girl.
-When I got into my Mom's house, she was on the phone in the kitchen. It looked like she was cooking.

Could someone tell me what this might mean? It sounds a little weird to me. Also, when I woke up, I felt a weird urge to call my Mom and tell her I love her. So I did.