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    Default Travelling Dreams

    I have had reoccuring dreams, 4 nights in a row, that seem to have a common theme.

    In the first dream, I was with my husband and son and we were in a strange country and we needed to get somewhere, although I don't remember where. We found a cab that was going to take us. All I remember was that it was going to be a long drive...

    Dream 2 - my son and I were in a train. Not like any train I have ever been in before and we were travelling somewhere, although again, I don't remember where we needed to go, just that it was important we get there.

    Dream 3 - we were traveling by car, but in a place we have never been before, and we were going up a steep bridge with no sided over water and it was scary because it seemed like we could go over the edge at any moment. The bridge was not made of regular pavement, but made from some type of sand stone and the travelling lanes were colored red. I remember going up the bridge and going back down, and feeling relieved that we got there. We then arrived at some sort of terminal where we could not find our bags. Two of my relatives were there to pick us up, but again, i don't know the purpose of the trip and where we were going with them.

    Dream 4 - my husband, son and my brother were in a small boat, about the same size as a canoe but a bit wider, and we were in the open ocean, but we couldn't see anything due to really thick fog. We were in the boat for a long time, and eventually we can to a beach that was covered with moonsnail shells and had nice white sand. There were children playing. We didn't know where we were, but i remember feeling glad to get there.

    Just for some background:

    I am pregnant and expecting a second child in less than 2 months, have recently started a new job and just prior to that moved to a new city.

    Looking forward to your insights :)

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    Default Re: Travelling Dreams

    Dear Dottie23: Welcome to Dreamcentral. Now let me see, what do cars, trains and a boat trip have in common? What they have in common is that they are all energy expenditures to raise ones personal vibration levels, I think you will agree. When I was in my late 20's and early 30's I couldn't wait to get on the road on weekends. My father would use any excuse in the world to get the family in the car on weekends. We would travel 60 miles to get a sack of potatoes, 25 miles for a couple of sacks of apples , all of which could be purchased at the local grocery store. The process of raising personal vibrational levels just makes everything go smoother. In Great Britian the observation was made by physicians that Parkinsons patients had their symptons lessened by taking a train trip. Increasing personal vibrational levels relieves nerve systems, aids digestion, helps the body clear infectious wastes from the abdomen and bloodstream. In the event you would like to put a permanent end to seeing a physician for every little ailment that comes down the road a massage bed will make those things possible. Its kind oif amazing after a few weeks or a couple of months ailments have a way of vannishing like magic. But then again some people see visiting doctors as a social venue and a means of self assurance. Well I,ve had some fun with this one, and I hope you enjoy it. Best regards, Bob

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