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    Question More pop-ups, different places, & other concerns

    Hi all,
    Well I cannot seem to find the place which I posted yesterday about the pop-ups/firewall etc, so I'm posting anew. Sorry.
    I have found some really interesting stuff from a couple members so far, its just navigating back to them is a problem.
    The only way I've found the navigation tool is if I click into a thread a goto the bottom of it, and there it is. I've looked in the FAQ's as well.
    I'm probably missing something, so please explain it to me.
    As well as just now logging on, I noticed another pop-up, this time it did appear. In the lower left corner, I didn't even read what it was as I just find them incredibly annoying. It was an ad from Google, I did notice that.
    The pop ups and a couple other things have me a bit concerned about joining the site. I mention about seeing the member list, and why members cannot see it.(It's usually optional for the member - of other site member list as to see their personal email- so that shouldn't be a reason). Being that it is a totally public site, you'd think a benefit of being a member would be to see the member names and how many there are, and possibly when they joined. I know some of this info is on threads posted, but I do not see any posts that aren't recent. although it has listed that admin and one moderator joined in 2001. Where are the archives?
    I don't know alot about what 'tags' are but I think I'm catching on, I guess it means the certain words if Googled the post comes up along with the site. --which I'm not crazy about but I guess it is advertising and attracting people to the site, so I understand.
    Maybe I'm being too picky but it just seems like some of the things that are hidden and then some are super-public and easily accessed.
    It's a bit 'shady' to me. (Maybe I'm just peeved about the list and lack of archives. Idk.)
    Is this a money making created site? Or was it created from interest?
    The pop-ups are all from Google.
    I like Google when I use it, although Bing is more favorable to me.
    It's more precise.
    There's no shame in creating it for personal gain, just honesty is appreciated.
    I'd like to know if I decide to post something personal, how exactly and how many ways are there to click into it.(versus finding the website homepage) There should be an option that makes it up to the member posting to rather it can be easily searched/found by anyone that is not a member.
    Maybe this isn't the site for me, or at least I'll know what to expect.
    --As I said I've found alot of interesting things from some members so far, I don't mean to be negative, just informed.
    Thanks in advance for answers/suggestions.
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    Default Re: More pop-ups, different places, & other concerns

    There is a link at the bottom for archives. And in the forums there should be no popup, as it runs google adsense, which are mostly texts or banner ads... I had not really thought much about the member list being visible or not... I can look in admin and turn it on.


    OK I turned off some of the ads for registered users.


    I think your original post is in the tech issues forums.

    ---------- Here is the archives, and there is a link at the bottom for it. You are used to DM I think, and it uses a different board software.
    No matter where you go, there you are...

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