First, before you start, familiarize yourself with the meaning of the word, meditation. It is amazing how many people misunderstand this word.

I have a few definitions, like in the dictionary, this is a word that has many meanings.

[med-i-tey-shuhn] Show IPA
1. the act of meditating.
2. continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.
3. transcendental meditation.
4. devout religious contemplation or spiritual introspection.
The Method
The most productive form of meditation that I have discovered pertaining to dreams, is very productive at developing a pretty much photographic memory of all your dreams. It reflects the number 2 definition above.

To use meditation to develop a crystal clear memory of ALL your dreams consistently, you need only do the following:

1. In stillness and calm, put all concerns, start with your biggest and work down, one by one, putting them out of your mind without thinking of them at all to the best of your ability. Gauge your mind for its calmness. When you have resigned to really put the days worries on the backburner, and are comfortable that you are pretty much clear headed, stay like that as relaxed as you can. This means no dwelling on ANYTHING. Hey, it is impossible to STOP totally thinking, don't try. Just concentrate casually on non-focus on anything important. Make your mind as trouble free with your willpower,as you can, without mental strain, and when its settled and relaxed, go to step 2.

2. Now, start thinking about what it is like to remember a dream in total clarity (or your clearest experience), NOT any particular dream, just the sensation of lucidity.

3. Resolve to remember your dream. Don't be passionate about it and excite your mind, but a calm deliberate, "I MEAN IT" resolve. repeat this, use your imagination, grasp the psychological concept of what you are doing, stay calm, relaxed, and in control passively of your minds activity. It takes some discipline, but anyone can do it with practice. And it don't take long either, a week at the very most, IF you are seriously making an effort.

4. If you did step 3 right , the FIRST thing you will see when you awaken is a total recall of the dream. But it won't "stick" long. You need to focus on remembering it. Meditate on the dream, contemplate EVERY bit. Now, ALLOW yourself to fall back asleep. In fact drifting back off, even multiple times, ENHANCES the strength of the memory, more drift offs the better. You MUST resolve to remember AND meditate on the dream at EACH drift off.

This sounds easy, but some find it a difficult mental discipline to master. What you put in, is what you get out. The more resolved you are in mastering the technique of recalling dreams in total clarity, the FASTER you will master it.

Well, thats my way of doing it. I would be REALLY interested in learning about how you guys use meditation, and if anyone has tried this before?

BTW I did not think this up, it was taught to me long ago.