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    Lightbulb Eugenics, Leading folks to freedom, food fight

    Ushered into a hall full of people by soldiers.

    A president/priest figure is talking about eugenics (who gets to live and who gets to die). At some point, he mentions that a few people will get guns so they can shoot themselves. I think this means the few people who get guns are to commit suicide, but in actuality, it means they are given ammunition to shoot other people themselves.

    The president goes, “Oh yeah!” and gives guns to three ‘redneck’ type guys, three rows ahead, then tells the rest of us to get on our knees and pray. I have a horrible feeling, as I close my eyes and go down on my knees, that I’m going to get shot at first. Out of instinct, I crouch a little further down, feel the bullet whizzing past my head and straight into the wall, blasting out a little plaster as it does so.

    “You missed!” says another one of the rednecks. I hear the gun being reloaded.

    Not wanting to get shot at again, and filled with adrenalin, I suddenly get up, running around the hall, really yelling: “God is in charge! This is wrong! We’re God’s people! Come on! God is in charge! God is in charge!” kind of thing.

    At first, only a few people get up off their knees. Then, everyone. I lead them all out of the hallway, and they’re knocking the army offices/police/president over to scramble on with me.

    At first, we all go back to my hotel room for supplies, but we can’t stay long. I’m trying to lead everyone onto the flat roof, across the street and into the apartment across the way.

    I’m the last person out of the apartment, and see the troops know where we are going. As I reach the apartment building where the others are (hiding in the canteen), I see these metal blinds coming down over the windows and doors, trapping them inside as an alarm goes off.

    I punch through the window, grabbing the handle and opening the door, and a massive, almost monstrous cook comes bounding out of the kitchen in a dirty white vest, with a cleaver.

    Somehow this cook morphs into the president from earlier, and I am throwing food in his face. All kinds of really delicious cakes... jam rolly poly, mochi, tea cake... and finally the scene chages so that we are still in the canteen, but now it’s some kind of game show, and I’ve completed the task (of foodfighting presumably!).

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    Default Re: Eugenics, Leading folks to freedom, food fight

    google population reduction, you will be shocked at what you will see. Its scary, I am not sure what to believe any more. I do know that I absolutely do not trust our Gov.
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    Default Re: Eugenics, Leading folks to freedom, food fight

    Your dream was caused by something you eaten before the sleep! Some food you like gives you the gips during the night!
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