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    Default Reality check/ good or bad?

    I've been thinking about using this for a while, wondering if it works. Instead of doing a bona fide reality check with a mirror or memory check, I admitt that I am dreaming and see if I can control life. If an ice cream cone appears in my hand, dream. If not, than it's real life. Has this worked for you guys?

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    Default Re: Reality check/ good or bad?

    I think it would depend on the flavour of ice cream...

    I think its "What ever works for you" kind of thing anyway.

    For me it's "supernatural" things that happen to "wake me up to realize" but even that can become commonplace.
    If it's so common that you fly in a dream for example, you might not have enough shock or trigger to be "awake"

    A group of friends have set ourselves up to challenge ourselves in reverse, every time we see our pre-assigned trigger happen in real life... we try to do something like fly. if we don't... nope, I guess I'm not dreaming.

    Dreams seem so random for one thing to become your trigger... like where's that mirror when you need it.
    I'm still trying to catch on myself.

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