Well I seem to have weird dreams and some good one's. Me and the wife had some friends come up and stay the night. Well two of the ladies that were there where girls I was close with in college and they are her best friends. One of the guys is my best friend that together with the other girl. Well I have never got to close with either of them but would have like to back in the college crazy days. well here is the dream about the single one:

well It took place at like an old apt I lived in back in college, and it was kinda like we were in a car but it turned out to be a window in a bedroom. well we got close and started to kiss, and got a little frisky in a bed that was by a window. We both had clothing on and were under a cover. Ther wired thing is we both did not say a word to each other. the girl laura, was just smiling as this was going on. Now as this was going on I could see my wife out side getting out of her car and walking toward the window but not up too it, and then she got back in the car.

Thats about all I can remember from the dream. I do have another one I will post about one of my best guy friends that is totally different. thanks:biggrin1: