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    Default Posted in general chit-chat too but...

    I go to walk but my feet shart to shake violently under me in a doorway. My husband has to get me, leading me to a doctor in a private room of a hospital, where I am given some kind of electronic treatment by a doctor.

    I am at a party where I get two new gifts for my son. One is a pack of vitamins, the other I cannot remember. But I remember having trouble remembering the gift givers at the party. I go round with my son to socialise as much as possible, but am aware Im not really seeing everyone.

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    Default Re: Posted in general chit-chat too but...

    Hi FeeDeLyon2,

    try thinking about what in your life would currently make your feet shake and what that might represent... my first thought was toward "understanding" as in thought... maybe you are comming to a new understanding or concept. This is a whole new dimention for you, Doorways usually represent a new opportunity.

    There is something you don't understand very well,
    Your husband is helping you, encouraging you, supporting you, leading you, introducing you to....

    some possibilities...
    a doctor = healer, ministering pastor
    a private room = help with something personal, spiritual
    a hospital = place of healing, church

    The dream at first glance looks a little ominous but not all shocking news is bad.
    it could be so shockingly good......."I can't believe it" good

    I beleive the dream is leading you to a greater understanding of a personal God.

    and Fee, nice kitty, kitty, you know you're hungry..... it's time.
    Naba = to Prophesy
    Daba = Kind Words
    Doo! = w/Enthusiasm!!!

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