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    Default Grandparents Microchip Child's Hand

    I had dreamed that my parents took my son out for a few hours. They took him to the mall. When they come back, my mom says to me "They were doing something special at the mall for children. It's a trial run for the future." I said, "Ok, what was it?" She said, "We had our grandson microchipped on his hand. We paid $250 to have it done." I said, "WHAT?!!!" LET ME SEE HIS HAND!!!!!! I was absolutely flipping out. I said, "DO YOU HAVE A CLUE WHAT YOU JUST DID? THIS IS AN EVIL SCHEME OF THE FUTURE? THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST COMING & YOU JUST RUINED HIS LITTLE HAND WITH THIS THING. I WANT IT REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!!!! She says, "But it's for his safety. If he gets lost, this will track him down. He'll also be able to add other things to it as he gets older." I said, "I don't care, I want it removed now. Let's go to the mall and get this out of his hand before his father sees his hand."

    So we go to the mall where this was done and I grab his little hand to look at it and when I do, it's no longer his hand I'm looking at, but an adult hand. This adult forehand looked bionic. It had 5 different electronic looking receptacles that was arranged like it looks on a dice. Two above, two below and one in the center. The one in the center was a tiny round insert that looked like a grain of rice could slide in and out. It was apparent that the hand was used to store all kinds of information that you carry with you. One of the things on the hand looked like a flash drive. The hand reminded me of what you see when you go to the store to have pictures see all those flash drives for different cards.

    Then I woke up very upset. I already know what this dream means. We are getting closer to the end.

    "He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666" (Rev. 13:16-18).
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    Default Re: Grandparents Microchip Child's Hand

    Hello, Dove28,

    There are some who want to rule the world and are attempting to use us to get what they need in order to achiev that. They appeal to our greed in what we can have, and afford, and they do this through the media, and banking systems. In banking the number 666 referes to how intrest is paid back, and by the time the loan is half paid back, they have all their money paid they laoned you, and the rest goes in their pocket as prophet. By controling government in theyar best interests, they pass laws that allow them to reclaim theyare property if they dont get paid, then selling it to make even more money while we believe we are wrong. With property taxes, we can no longer feel safe, with the constant threat we can never really own anything. This concept comes from the age of kings, were people couldnt own property. So its already here.

    Everyone can go straight to this, or they can stop it. This is why i tell everyone to wait and have children later, but first save your money and buy everything you need with cash. Move into the smallest space possible, and cheap, it doesnt take that long to save up.

    The reason why this is going to take place, is because there are always people who dont want to do thing for themselves. THose people have there hands out all the time, and believe they have the right to do that. Thats our fault for letting it happen. Its basically like a family, the husband goes off to work to pay the bills, while the rest of the family is trying to get what they want out of it, or no one has tought them better. Eventually the bills out weigh the income, and the bills overcome the family. They will go bankrupt or have to pay everything off.

    The state of our economy is no different, and we have never been able to afford all the payouts on social service programs, or schooling programs. Since thats been done almost all donations go overseas instead of helping our own, and even then that money sits in banks. There isnt enough people doing things on their own to make a differance. People wont take the time to get what they need before getting married to understand what it takes to keep a family together, and because of that we have the welfare programs, and because of that there is another telling us what we can do and what we cant do for ourselves. Everytime there is a divorce or children out of wedlock with no one able to support them, it costs money, and someone has to pay that. Then it becomes everyones problem, with everyone paying money to support all the welfare progams out there, and eventually its not going to be us who tell us what to do anymore, but the people who give the money are going to tell us.

    Its hard to say without background information about the dream being prophetic or not, because though we do know this is comming, it may be that its more personal to you in nature instead of for everyone. Maybe your afraid of someone stepping in where you dont want them to be, and your dream symbols are supporting what you believe in? I dont thing God made us to be stupid, and that he wants the best for us. There being things we can do to make our life better than we are tought by example.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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    Default Re: They forced your hand

    I may be all wrong with this but let's see...
    You do know of the Biblical reference of the dream,
    but that may be just the dream to stir you to action.

    There is a possibility that some one, let's go generic and say "They"... so as not to implicate your grand parents.

    They forced your hand... a reference to playing cards

    Which could be a warning that someone has stolen your identity and is down at the mall playing your cards. Check your accounts. Any un-authorized purchase for say $250 :shrug:

    Get the idea?

    The second part of the dream infers that you will take charge, take control,
    this may be taking the dream as a warning and taking proper precaution to secure your small hand or what little $$$ you have.
    Play your cards right and you will stop the from happening be "forehand" :rockwoot:

    You may want to Donate some award money to Dream Central if this is true.

    Honest... I did not try, but this post was timed in at 5:39 the numbers I see all the time
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