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    Default am i a lucid dreamer or not?

    i dont know if ive had a lucid dream but well...
    everytime im ill, i have the same dreams, always the same one and its basically where i have to do something in a short space of time and i dont get it done. something is about to happen to me but i get scared and that's when i wake up. i also get another dream where it's hard to explain but something has to be made/created but it's impossible/difficult. with both dreams i wake up scared :(.

    the other night, it felt like i sort of controlled my dream in a way like i was aware of what was happening and i was able to change what usually happens for some reason. well it was like, i already woke up but i dont know, my dream was still happening in a way, it's difficult to describe.

    why do i have the same dreams when i'm ill, can anyone interpret those dreams and am i a lucid dreamer or not?:confused:

    i'd really appreciate if someone could reply because it has been bothering me for these last few days, thanks :o

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    Default Re: am i a lucid dreamer or not?

    Hi there,

    Lucid dreams are where you are asleep and you become aware that you are dreaming and you are in the REM phase. You will feel awake and are actually partially awake when you are in fact paralyzed to the bed. (because the paralytic state is required for dreaming, so we don't hurt ourselves or others with the sometimes crazy content). So you will feel like it is an out of body experience. You will try and try to move or act out the dream, but since you have the paralytic state going on, you will feel "stuck", Like you cannot escape, but at this same time you are in fact partially awake and dreaming at the same time. IMO lucid dreams happen when the person is involved in some kind of relationship with someone dangerous to their soul and development or actual survival. I would re-evaluate who you know and make the efforts to clean up the clutter of relationships that are no good. Now about being sick, I have read somewhere that ALLLL the people who get sick and I am talking even a cold or sniffle, it is because there is some kind of sickness with their soul. Either the person is greedy, dishonest with others or themselves or one of the other "seven deadly sins", and I know that just about every person lies including myself at rare times. If you love each and every person equally and yourself as well as the creator, then the soul will "heal" and people wont be sick anymore. BTW I have 2 older teenagers and they have never ever been sick. AND I MEAN NEVER! I have to force them for well check up visits and they have never ever been on antibiotics because they have never been sick. NOW I have been very sick before, lots of times, lots of surgeries too. BUT now I cannot even recall the last time I was even sick and I know it was years ago. I have never had a flu shot. I am guessing it is because I seriously changed all the ways about how I used to act and treat people. Lets say I have learned BIG. Also I have been around extremely sick and contagious people and the sickness was never able to spread. I think it is at least worth a try, because there is nothing to lose.
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