Ok well i dont know all that happened(Well actually i do,well most of it),but in the dream i pretty much knew i was dreaming.One of the weird things in this dream is i looked at the digital clock and it said 1:20 AM or somewhere around there right?Then i looked at it again(or somehow just woke up again) and it said
"5:20 LMAO" first of all notice how it says "LMAO"(Which means laughing my *** off if you didnt know).Where the heck did that come from?!:confused::confused:
In the dream i also talk to my dad in the room and then i look in the mirror and my m,outh is STILL moving.I also notice in my dreams,it seems that i cant talk right away and that im getting watched every second.
I honestly am kinda freaked even though the dream was a bit cool.(Because i had alot of money and junk)

But the ONE thing that honestly was weird from this dream is it said 5:20 right? When i woke up im pretty sure i got up exactly at 6:20!Well im not sure but when i got up i went to go talk to my mom about it,then i looked at my clock and it said 6:26(So it could be possible i talked to my mom for 6 minutes)

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Ive also had some sleep paralysis and a black and white dream experience before:clapping: