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    Default Prison and eggs.

    I had a dream last night about being in prison. There was one prisoner there who everyone loved I guess and we all had an egg that represented him. Then he died somehow, don't remember, and everyone kept holding on to their egg until someone said that it was time to let him go and we broke our eggs where he was buried and everyone was crying.

    Any ideas on what this means?

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    Your dream presents an interesting picture – you are in prison and yet there is love. This love is represented by an egg – a symbol that everyone in this prison seems to hold dearly. (The egg is a symbol of the Self so this may be important)

    Often dreams of being in prison represent feelings of being imprisoned by the inability to cope with circumstances, moods, people, what have you… we are often trapped by what we see as our inadequacies and of course we can be trapped by our fears, moral codes, ambitions, sense of superiority…. Basically any limiting influence within, or outside of us.

    (We have to realize, however, that if the influence seems to be from outside, it is only because we have not yet discovered our own inner attitude that makes us subject to those limitation. The prison doesn't exist if the inner condition changes. Stone walls do not a prison make, nor does iron bar a cage.)

    But we can also be imprisoned by our best of intentions and even our most beloved dreams, hopes and goals…

    The prisoners in your dream could represents parts of you that you have imprisoned within yourself for some reason or other. Part's you don’t want others to see, even yourself, but they may also represent untaped (trapped) potentional within yourself that you have not yet let out.

    Within this prison one prisoner stands out and he is loved by all and as such symbolized by a egg - Eggs have been used since ancient times to represent man's complete nature. “The Self”. At Easter the egg is a symbol of death and rebirth cycle – of fertility – the rebirth of hopes, Potential.

    It’s possible that this love for this one Prisoner is holding you back, and or, needs to be released, that it is time to crack open the Egg and let it (whatever this Prisoner represents to you) go.

    This letting go will be felt as a loss and require a time to grieve, and the dream points out it is right to grive this loss, but the egg reminds us that it is only through “death” that new life can emerge.
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    Default Prison Break

    Sounds like you are about to have a breakthrough soon.

    But you can't hold dreams too tight or they never have a chance to grow.
    Sometimes the best miracles happen when it's out of our hands.
    Naba = to Prophesy
    Daba = Kind Words
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    You will soon have a run in with the law.

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