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    Default Best dream of my life

    Hello everyone, I'm new here to the forum and really have never put much stake into dream analysis before, although I do dream fairly often and vividly. Earlier this week I had this fantastic and strange dream that has affected me greatly. It made me so happy and just generally excited like I didn't know dreams could. I will do my best to explain it but I don't think I can do it justice.

    So, it was nighttime and I was in a soccer field, the one I used to play on back in high school. I was trying very hard to do...something. I couldn't really figure out what it was but I was focusing very hard at doing it, concentrating my mind and also running short bursts back and forth. I think possibly the dream-me knew what he was trying to do but the real life dreaming-me did not.

    I was not alone, there was a girl with me. She was familiar to me, although I don't know who she is in real life. She was dressed strangely, with an orange sleeveless shirt and a sort of waist pouch and short shorts. She had short blonde hair and was very pretty, although in my dream I did not seem to feel all that sexually drawn to her (i'm a guy) she felt more like she was an old friend.

    So, she was watching me running around and focusing so hard on my as-yet unknown goal for quite some time before she gave an enigmatic sort of laugh. She said to me that I needed something before I could do it. I asked her what I needed and she told me that I knew what I needed and where it was. I looked around and at the edge of the woods was a deer and her fawn standing at the edge of a path. (as a side note the path is really there at the edge of the soccer field and leads into the woods). I asked if what I needed was in there, and she just smiled and said "you know". So I followed the two deer into the woods, and that's where the similarity of this dream-path and the real life one end, it was very dark and felt like a maze, the walls of trees seemed impenetrable and there were countless forks in the paths.

    This was the longest part of the dream, finding my way through the forest maze. Occasionally I would see the two deer, but I didn't seem to be expressly following them. Any time I would ask the girl which way to go she would either just smile ortell me that I knew where to go.

    After a long time winding through the forest, I came to a clearing. At this point I grew very very excited and extremely happy. At the far edge of the clearing was a (dead?) tree laying on the ground. It was glowing faintly white. I walked to it, looked at the girl and she smiled at me and nodded. I then kneeled in front of it and rubbed my hands all over it. When I touched it, the faint glow became brighter and I had a strong sense of being empowered. I stood and looked at the girl, and she winked at me. I then realized the tree was gone and we were back in the soccer field.

    Now this final part of the dream was what made this dream so simply fantastic and amazing. Her and I began to... glide I suppose is the best way to say it... on the air just above the ground. It felt a bit like ice skating. Wherever we glided, bright neon colors would shoot out of the ground in the line following us. Blue, yellow, and green I specifically remember but I'm fairly sure there were others. The girl and I did this for quite awhile, passing each other and laughing. Guys, I cannot explain how awesome this felt. After doing this for awhile, I woke up.

    The feeling of overwhelming joy didn't leave me, and to a degree still hasn't. I have not been able to stop thinking about this dream all week, not that I really want to. I had this feeling that I hadn't simply gained the power to glide and shoot brilliant colors from the ground, that was just a way to express this intense power I had awoken by rubbing that tree.

    Sorry if this was a bit lengthy but the dream was so vivid I didn't want to leave anything out that I could remember. Any interpretation is welcome, i'd like to get some people's take on this almost life- changing dream.

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    Default best dream

    I think it means you will accomplish you're goals. You have been empowered with Confidence and Luck. Follow you're dreams.

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    Hey :)

    What an awsome dream and simply reading it was a joy! Inside all of us there is an inner world full of potential and possibilities, in spiritual circles it is also said that we each have an inner light that has been hidden from us or rather we have veiled ourselves from our true inner self, seperated out form it.

    There is a druid myth that speaks of deer on the outer edge of the forest that when seen will lead one to their inner light/self if followed and your dream speaks of this. As humans we become disconnected from our inner worlds where emphasis is placed so much on our outer environment and outer world as being the only true reality unfotunately at the expense of the richness that lies within.

    It sounds like through your own inner guidance you contacted something within that was deep and empowering and when this contact is made no one can take it away it is the source of our own internal being. What ever led to this very authentic and spiritual experience (note I say spiritual and not religious) seems to have come from your power of concentrating the mind.

    Concentrating the mind and focusing in such a way is part of the path of meditation, and meditation is practiced for exactly these purposes to contact our deepest inner self.

    There are many forms of meditation that help to first still what is called the monkey mind - the mind that always chatters. When we focus it in such a way, for example on our breath, we bring it to a point of stillness. For some it may take a lot of practice for others it can come at the drop of a hat. By stilling the mind our superficial 'self' drops away and we open to the richness that lies inside.

    Many people spend their whole lifetime caught up in their monkey mind and never really connect with the true depth that lies within each human being. I get the sense that this may be the beginning of exploring a vast and rich inner world of depth, feeling and emotion. Have you ever read the alchemist? a beautiful book.

    Just some thoughts hope it helps some. Best of luck

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