yesterday night i had a dream.

I was in a my best friend's new home, Where my friend is away. I was discussed some thing with my friend's wife. After some discussion, i was carried her to upstairs bedroom. Then i removed her dresses, she is fully nude in bed and when i am going to kiss her, i am moving away from her... (i don't remember why i went away).. just watching her naked in bed.

Suddenly some one come outside to want make arrange the things in order. she makes order from inside and got dressed and went out. i really felt bad as i want to kiss her.

myself went out help the others to make arrange the showcase items. Once they left. We started went out. its looks like Safari. To visit in jungle by a jeep. We have seen lots of Bisons.

We are in home. Again i want to kiss her. i told her i want a kiss. She asked to wait you will get. Some peoples in the house.


the dream continues, she hold my hand and hugged. i was in around her in the same home and She is doing some work. i am waiting to some one from the home to get away, so that i get the chance. i am expecting a deep kiss from her. i don't remember how the dream ends....

I don't know what is this dream about. i want to know what happened inside my subconscious mind, i am corrupted?

He is my best friend. I am sharing all my feeling with him. This one i can't.
I will be with them on all weekends. We all 30+. They have 2 kids.
I am bachelor.