I had a few nights ago this scary dream. I was on a street, where the houses and the pavement was made of stones. I saw a man costumed like Willy Wonka-but not exactly- he had orange wig, a hat, and pale face, blue eyes, white eyelashes-- kinda scary, but i knew him-- and i hugged him. I knew him. he was looking more like a clown than a regular person. his costume was dramatic as well...He walked down the street and kept going up.

i turned around and he was ran over by a car. i went to see, and it looked like everything was laid on a bed, and his photo was on the wall, hanging. I looked at the photo and felt sad. then i looked on the bed, and there were only pieces of his body, and limbs, cut in pieces. there was no blood, but the pieces looked like they were skinned off. you could see the muscles.

people gathered around and a woman said she knew him and he was a great guy. and i got mad at her, and told her that i knew him better...

then i got up