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    Default I want to make them stop.

    so i've reached the limit where i truly say i want to stop my dreams just atleast for a day! i think it's the 4th time in this week i dream death.. My dream is that im practicly at my natal home with my brother and a person who claims he can palm read and he insisted to see mine , as he watched my hand i suddenly asked how much do i still have cause i saw the worried face, and he told me untill the end of july, i remember the date we were in 23 july.
    And then my phone calls and a person who claimed that can predict the future told me the same and finished with : you must finish the game(i started playing a stupid game at pc with spaceships)and you will live.. that was the waking up call.

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    Hi Uni :)

    Sounds like your ready to awaken to a new life but first death must come to the life that has preceded you. What are you taking into the future with you that has not been resolved in the past.

    When we want change or change is somehow thrust upon us then we must be willing to let go of the past and move into the future with arms wide open.

    It sounds like your guidance 'palm reader' is intimating at this message in your dream that you are ready for change and that its time to start playing the game you have signed up for.

    Let go of anything that no longer serves you whether they be old attitudes, beliefs or forms of behaviour that hold you back from being the person you wish to be.

    Hope this helps some just a few ideas as to what your dream may be imparting to you.

    Cheers Blueberry
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