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    Default Fight to the Death

    I have had this dream for about a year, and I get it usually around once a week. It must be significant if I have it so often!
    It begins where I'm standing in large city, however, it's not like any I've seen before. There's no one around, and no movement. The buildings are white and tower-like, and it's an intricate maze of paths and tunnels going throughout the entire area. I notice movement up ahead, so I begin to follow. The thing picks up its pace. So do I. Soon I'm at an all out sprint, but I realize something is odd about the way I'm running, I'm too fast and streamlined. I look down and realize I have paws. I focus my attention back on the thing I'm pursuing, and see it turn a corner. I turn the corner also, and facing me is a snarling, powerfully built wolf. I suddenly feel this primal instinct swell up inside of me, and I become as viscous as he. We lunge at each other, and it's a terribly bloody battle. It seems like we both have super speed and stamina, because I can recall jumping and running much further and faster than any wolf I've ever seen. Sometimes I win, sometimes he does, but it's always to the death. I wake up and don't feel distressed or anything. Any ideas why dogs don't like me in my unconsious?

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    Default What are you!?!

    If you have the dream so often can you tell what your paws look like?
    What color?... Claws?...
    Sounds more large cat or lion like to further be always at odds with wolves and dogs.

    More details of you abilities in your dreams will help you define who/what you are.
    Naba = to Prophesy
    Daba = Kind Words
    Doo! = w/Enthusiasm!!!

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    Default Wolf

    I'm definetly a wolf also, sorry for not clarifying. I believe my paws are white, and the other wolf is a dark gray. Thank you for responding!

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