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    Unhappy Possums... and lots of them!!!

    Ok well about a week ago I saw a baby possum in my back yard and so I grabbed an old apple and cut some pieces off anf threw them to where I had last seen the possum. Then a night or two later I had this dream where at one point I went to a small flower shop that looked sorta like a little gazibo but was sealed all the way around. It had flowers and plants in the plastic black cups that they come in and behind one hid a chipmunk but behind another hid a small possum. The dream continued in an odd manner. Then the a couple days later I saw a possum that had been run over on the side of the road which was pretty hard to stomach. A few more days past and on the way into school I saw a big possum crawl into a small crevice and out of sight. After that I saw the possum in my back yard again which I was watching through my glass door stopped looked straight up at me and then kept scurrying along. About a week later I had almost forgotten about it but then my friends were talking about how they had seen a possum outside of the school but it might have been dead and then later it was verified that it was alive but sleeping and the poor thing had been taken away by animal control. There have been other mentions of possums for example in TV shows I watch and in my science class on friday. I have been stumped on why they have been seemingly inhabiting my life for about a month and what that might mean. Hope someone can help.:confused: :confused2: :icon_question: :icon_eek:


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    Anything in your life trying to get you to roll over or play dead
    are you asleep to something going on around you?
    Are you ignoring some issue?
    pretending you can't feel it (playing dead)
    So it doesn't hurt you?

    Keep researching Opossums... it may give you some clues.
    Naba = to Prophesy
    Daba = Kind Words
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    Thanks! I will definetely follow up on that!:D
    Until next time,

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