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    Default Very strange and scary dream,kidnapped ideas?

    Hi!, first let me say I am new to this site, and really like it.
    My dream is very scary and strange and scared me very much when I was younger, so much that I slept in my mothers room for a while. I also don't typically talk about it because it is so strange,so please keep an open mind.
    First dream-
    I was about 12 years old, and it was shortly after 9/11 when I got kidnapped by Osama bin laden( I told you it was strange). I was walking home from school by myself when I saw a beat up old van with someone laying on the ground around it, I went up to the person to see if they were okay. At that point I got thrown into the van and that's when I saw Osama bin laden in the van. The van drove off and he and other men began to blindfold me and cover my mouth with a cloth of some sort. I woke up
    Once I woke up I was freaking out and ran to my moms room and refused to sleep in my room.
    Second dream-
    This one happened about a couple weeks- month or so later
    (still sleeping in my moms room)
    I had a dream that I was at the mall with my friends, they walked out of the store without telling me and I was walking through the mall by myself trying to find them. I saw Osama bin laden at the mall and ran( no one else at the mall seemed to be phased by his presence) he ran after me and caught me. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and got on the up- escalator. I was beating and punching his back but he would nit let go.( everyone around us just kept going about their business it's like they couldn't even see what was going on) I began pulling at his turban and in there was a hand gun. I grabbed it and shot him. I woke up
    When I woke up I was again freaking out,and scared.
    I have never had another dream with him in it since.
    I know it sounds ridiculous and would never in reality Happen but at the time there was nothing I feared more than having another dream like that.
    I would just like any comments/insight on any meaningfulness of the dreams

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    I dont trust this Gov. to keep us safe either. I think thats all it is. But I wouldnt take rides from strangers for a while.

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    Number 12 = divine protection and renewed spirituality.

    Walking = how your stride is, indicates the same pace you take in life.

    School = more lessons in life are required.

    Terrorist = means that your anxieties/fears are evolving into potentially destructive acts. You believe that you have lost control.

    Abductor = Means your freedoms in life may be threatened, someone is distracting or deterring you from your goals.

    Being blindfolded = Means someone in your life is deceiving you. (hence the deception of luring you to the beat up van to be abducted.)

    Being gagged = You are being prevented from saying what you really want to say.

    Next dream..

    Mall = you are trying to influence someone’s opinions of you into one that is positive. The mall is also represents covetousness and the desire to acquire what your peers own.

    Friends = You may feel left out of some things with your friends and you are trying to bring back a part of your persona that has been dormant which are those qualities that your friends have.

    and again with the terrorist. see above.

    Punching hitting = means there is repressed aggression, possibly towards this person who may be deceiving you. (which may be a really good clue as to who)

    Feeling Scared = means that you are experiencing feelings of low self-worth and uselessness. You no longer hold power over some aspect of y our life. You may feel rage towards someone or something.

    I hope you find some of this useful. I also hope you find comfort and are able to uncover the mistruths that may be going on. You deserve to have confidence in yourself. You have nothing to be afraid of. Everything happens for a reason. Just go with the flow and don't let anyone try and sink you under.
    Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily life is but a dream....

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