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    Question Pulling a cobra-like worm out of my ear!

    I just woke up from a very strange dream and took the forums to ask for the help of you wonderful people to help me analyze and find the meaning of this dream.

    Before I woke up, I was laying in my bed, on my side, but from the corner of my eye, I could so very clearly that a worm was beginning to ease its way out.

    It wasn't painful, it was actually a feeling of relief as it begin to spiral its way out, but the process was disgusting and I wanted to make it get out as soon as possible.

    The worm was very dark, almost black, and had the shape of a cobra, with protruding "ears" towards its head, but the entire length of its body was thin like a worm. It was getting out of my ear by spiraling out, like a corkscrew. To speed the process up, I waited for its head to get away from my ear and grabbed it from its body, being careful that it wouldn't bite me, and I suddenly just threw it on the ground and watched it run away. But then *I* began to run.

    Just then, I woke up.

    What could this mean...? This is the second or third time I've had a dream like this, where a worm is spiraling out of my ear. I think at one time, I had a dream that the worm was coming out of something that was not on my body, but I felt connected to the orifice which it was coming out of, and the same feelings ensued.

    Thanks SO much for reading this and for all of your help.

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    Default Spiraling out of control

    At first thought this might sound horible... losing control.
    But think of it as you did in the dream as... relief
    Think of it as... maybe something you hear or have heard
    no longer controls you... you've lost it's poison to hurt you.

    Maybe this relates to bad things or gossip said over you.
    But you are strong enough to have no place for it or believing the lies.

    Gossip needs a listening ear... you no longer have them.
    sounds like a good thing to me.:clapping:
    Naba = to Prophesy
    Daba = Kind Words
    Doo! = w/Enthusiasm!!!

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