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    Post dream of snakes

    Last night i dreamed that i moved into my aunts old house while i was moving my stuff in there was little round bugs almost like squids sticking to me. My mom was pulling them off of me. Then when i went in the house there were cages of snakes mom told me she would get rid of them in the morning. When i turned around the snakes were crawling all over the house. The snakes were red and white. There was a baby in my dream and the snake went to go bite the baby but i picked her up before the snake could bite. I told my mom i couldn't stay there until the snakes were gone and my aunt and uncle let me stay at there house and hired some people to get rid of the snakes oh and in the door way there was a huge brown snake over the frame. Can someone help me interpret the dream. 2 Weeks ago i dreamed of black and yellow snakes.

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    when I dream of snakes , something bad happens soon after. Usually the result of a snake of a person .Watch for people that may want to cause you harm.

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