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    Question A few complicated dreams

    I have a few dreams I need interpretated, and they are wierd.

    1. In my first dream (I had it when I was 5), I was in my cowboy outfit, and I fell downs my stairs, into the basement. When I get up I see two hunting boots with green blobs in them. The first blob had the face of Bunson Honeydew from the Muppets, and the other had the face of Beaker. I touched the Bunson face and the green blob distintegrated. Then the Beaker face bit my arm off, and it stretched out really far, and from the stump, one drop of blood dripped. And my dream ended.

    2. In the second dream, my parents and I were at the Hampton Inn, and we were swimming. My mom went to get something out of a vending machine, and the lights turned off, and a guy said that we had to go home, because they were closed for the night. As we were driving home, I looked at the floor of the car, then back at the hotel. Then I looked back down at the floor, and there were tons of bugs and stuff crwaling all over the seat and floor. Then there were these big brown beetles shedding their skin repeatedly, and biting me. The dream ended and I woke up screaming.

    3. In the third dream, My dad and I were hunting (This was before I was old enough to hunt), and I got separated from my dad. I walk across a field, and I see two grizzly bear cubs (Even though I live in Pennsylvania.), and I went to pet them, and A shadow formed over me, I turned, and there was the momma bear standing up and staring at me. She roared at me, and then she stopped "frozen", as if someone pressed "pause", and I went around her, she was flat as cardboard. I look into the woods, and I see what I thought was bigfoot, and I went over to it, and It was my dad. The dream ends.

    4. In a recent dream, from last year, the whole tenth grade won a cruise from where we live, to New York City, we go sailing down a creek (Pine Creek), and we go out of the CHesapeake Bay, and into the open ocean. As we are sailing on the ocean, there were giant bouys floating in the ocean, and stealth bombers and other "secret government" aircraft flying over us. As We get close to New York Harbor, the captain asks me if I "want to drive the ship", I said "yes", and as we get closer, I forget to put on the brakes (Yes the cruise ship has brakes for some odd reason), and I crash into the docks, and into a mall. I tel everyone to get off, and I jump onto some shipping crates, but I slip, and fall off of them onto the ground. I go through a hole in the mall, and It is in a pet shop, inside the pet shop were ferrets three feet long, sleeping on tables, with heat lamps over them, and as I exit the pet shop, my parents come and tell me that "we are leaving to go to your sister's." Then I am at my sister's house, and I am watching the news showing a Live video of me crashing into the docks and mall even though I am at my sister's house. (Yes, the screen said Live). I go upstairs, and Jeff Goldblum is up there, and I ask him if his parents were shrinks, and he says "No, they were Buddhists". THe dream ends.

    Can anyone interpret my dreams for me.

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    It sounds to me that you had different fears throughout your life, and you dreamed of crazy things that could have been harmful to you. However, 3 of your dreams ended with out major catastrophe.
    (one drop of blood after arm bit off. The bear turned to cardboard, and bigfoot was dad. The boat crash happened"live' on tv after you already did it. )
    In teh 2nd dream, there were bugs. Was something "bugging" you?
    Around the times of those dreams, were you anxious about something? Starting school at age 5, for example?
    I hope this helps,
    peace to you
    I wish you peace,
    Bright Dreamer

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