Faces of people I'd never expect to see appeared in my dream vividly lastnight.

Saw an ex sitting inside a restaurant dining with most likely other people from outside the window. he waved at me and my girl friend.

Inside a building at night, I was waiting for someone who was my best friend a while back to come. She never did, in my dream. The two twin sisters that I were friends with since elementary were in that same room with me, and they were speaking to a quiet and shy guy whom I had good feelings for but never sensed the same back in high school. He was chatting happily with the sisters, and I felt neglected and annoyed by the fact that their presences were celebrated everywhere except mine. I talked about the one best friend I hoped would come, and one twin looked at me in subtle disdain.

This dream left this feeling within me like I've just been through the real thing.