I had this strange dream since I was 14.
I was pregnant and was wearing a nice spring dress with nice sandals.
My tummy was really round and big.
And there was this man with an accent by my side,
Always asking me if I want this or that and would always help me grab the food.
Well the dream always end when I turn to face him.
All I know what he wasn't too much taller than me
And was strong and well dressed.
I think I remember dark coloured hair.
This dream occured a lot since I was 14 up until my late 22
When I met this man.
We were in a serious long distance relationship.
But overall we lived with each other for 1year out of the 2.5years together
Somehow we breaked or broke up (I see no difference)
But it was strange cause I was with this man and I never had any dreams.
(i often have dreams but after beinging with this man I stopped)
Well around 12am my time he called me up to ask me "business" things.
And I was happy to be a friend and hear his voice.
But the strange thing was I went to bed and the same day.
I think I was half awake because "after" this dream I heard me phone beeping.
Well this dream was where I went over to his country and his family's house.
He was talking to me. And he was wearing our engagement ring.
And made sure I knew he was by showing and telling me as we were on the sofa.
Then his mother was talking to him (I don't remember what)
And he ran out to the balcony, but even weired was the house was MY FAMILY'S HOUSE.
And he was complaining or proving a point to his mother.
Then I woke up.

I have no clue what these two dreams have in common so it is sort of weirding me out.
If anyone can help?!