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    Default Dreaming of talking to my dead mother

    I was dreaming for some reason my brother and sister were here (rita+roy)and my mum was on the phone and like it was like it was nomal, then I was like ' still haven't told anyone...a few years ago why were you pretending to have died?'

    I was like 'It wasn't very fair you know'and she wouldn't tell me...So I tried to get it out of her, telling her that I took her fav book (The Hobbit she bought when she was 16 she'd've been 50 this year). I told her that my older brother had taked it when she died and that my cousin stole it from him andsent it to me. First she wanted it back, but then I told her it was safe, wrapped in towels at te back of my closet.

    The her other phone rang and she asked me to hold while answering it. She was in an argument on the phone then and came back to me telling me to call her back.

    I woke up then and I got out of bed and headed for the phone thinking I should ring her before she rings me. I had the phone in my hand when I realized that I wouldn't be calling her and she wouldn't be calling me. It really sucked. A friend told me to get it interpreted.

    Any help with this one would be greatly apreciated, it's the second time I've had a dream like this, the first time I dreamed that I got out of bed and was some reason at her house ( I moved to a different country at 19) came down the stairs and she was sat on the couch.

    No one else was there. She gave me a speach about how she was sorry she never met my boyfriend, and for leaving my younger brother and sister. She didn't blame me for not coming to her funeral and I should try and be happy. She had a bag packed and after the speach she got up and left the house, said she was leaving.

    That was two weeks ago. My mum died in 2007 quickly without warning. she was alive one minute, and not the next.
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    Default Re: your mum

    Please accept my condolences. Your mother will act as a spirit guide and guardian angel and stand beside you the rest of your days. Do not be are safe. Give yourself time to grieve and get over the hurt. Do not blame yourself for missing the funeral or for her was not your fault. You will get messages from the beyond. Best wishes.

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