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    Default I dreamt I got shot.

    I had a dream that I got shot in the shoulder, which is a first for me. I've never had a dream in which I've gotten shot. Here's the whole dream:

    I was at a high school football game but I was leaving. When I walked to my car, these two people were having sex on it (I know both of them in real life). Then came the next day and when I came home, they were having sex on my bed and I freaked out on them and made them leave. I went back to the school and somehow in that time managed to catch a stray bullet in my shoulder. Blood started flowing and was staining the clothes I was wearing. At school, people were asking me what happened but I couldn't explan what. The majority of people weren't even helping me, they were just not paying attention. A friend of mine said she'd take me to the hospital and in her car, the steering wheel was on the opposite side, the passenger side and I had to drive but the pedals were both on mine and her side. We got to the hospital and I had to switch clothes and the doctor said I had to get surgery around 8 at night. There were some people I knew in my room and the guy I liked too. He wouldn't talk to me. When I asked for a hug, he just walked away. (we're together in real life). And I kept feeling horrid pain where I got shot, it was my rigt shoulder/side of chest. The hole was the upper part of my right breast.

    Could someone please interpret/analyze this for me please? It's really bothering me because I've never had a dream like this. Thank you.

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    Default RE: the gun shot

    I think these two love birds are passionately in love with each other and need to get a room...why else would they have sex in public? They may resent your interference in their relationship enough to subject you to irrational hostility. You need to allow them to be together and not get involved, by meddling or mediating. They are in love and want to have sex with each other. Unfortunately, when you pry into other people's private affairs, they start to resent it. Try not to judge them or their actions, and allow them to be together. It is not for you to decide who loves who. No offense, but you could get hurt if you don't stay out of it.

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    Default Re: your dream

    Dear Alex,
    I'm very sorry for being abrasive in my last reply. Basically, I think people can be a bit judgmental at times, and I have felt lately that people have been judging me and my lifestyle harshly lately. When a girl has sex in public, she is labeled a tramp, while the guy is viewed as a stud.
    I have been nosy a bit in my life and sometimes it is difficult to stay out of conflicts. You can get hurt in the crossfire when you are acting as a third wheel in arguments. I know how it is! I have myself butted into people's business before, but it is better just to let people do as they wish.
    You may find a couple's demonstrations of love to be a bit over the top, but try just to stay away from them. It is hard sometimes when people engage in behavior that you find uncouth or gross, but judging others can be hurtful to them. In life, some people will decide who's to bless and who's to blame and I think that's unfair.
    Again, I apologize for my angry tirade. I know how it is.
    Best wishes and don't worry (you won't get shot, just a subconscious fear in your mind).

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    yes; you need help before you have a nervious break down are anxiety attack maybe a siesure of some kind. your harboring feeling of guilt and loss of control in your life.[blood stains on clothing] and other inaddiquitcys.your very unstable and unsure.;but your seeking fulfillment but imbarrist to take the first step.your easily distracted[people having sex;trying to get your attention for sure] by your emotions and lack real confidence in yourself.your easily munipulated and let down by what others think about you.i suggest you seek help from someone with experience in deliverence of spiritial sin.nondenomination are the like.if you don't your future may be deffinatly need to be stable and know were your headed. you need to be free from guilt and sin and the only one that i know for sure that can do that is the son of the living god.its very simple call on the name of jesus; know one can make that decision for you; its your choice only.know ones forcing you not even GOD HIMSELF.we can never get sin out of us;but we have the right to put god in.he sacrifced for you can you eccept his free gift of salvation.its not an easy road living for god; but your always under his protection and the promise to live with him forever.the God im talking about can not be duplicated,immetated,nor tempted.please make the right decision. GOD bless you with long life that the world can give nor take wisdom.
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    Default Re:your dream

    It seems like men that have sex in public want to put on a show for others. Women who engage in public displays of affection (PDA) may or may not be willing participants in that. I think a man that refuses to take a girl he loves to the hotel for sex may be disrepecting her by engaging in such obvious PDA. The girl may be wanting to engage in sex acts in front of you out of fear of what could go on behind closed doors and be begging you for protection and see you as someone safe to share such an intimate moment with. You may be afraid that being an innocent bystander in whatever goes on around you makes you vulnerable to violence. There may be a girl in your life that is in love with you and sleeping with your friends to get your attention. She may be immature or in a situation that is uncomfortable. The guy may be an instigator and trying to start trouble for you by showing his sexual prowess to you. There are double standards in society, like the ideas that the woman is a twat or a prostitute and the man is an angel...these sexist concepts are particularly prevalent in high school, when teens are confused about sex and going through heartbreak, hormones and angst. I don't think there is anything wrong with you, like the previous poster suggested. If a couple must prove their love for one another by engaging in such PDA, their relationship may be based on sex, not love, which can be a problem if they want to be in a long-term intimate relationship. You may be resenting the way a man is treating a girl, seeing her as a victim and someone who is being publicly humiliated. The best thing you can do is try to be understanding and step inside her shoes, rather than blame her, as society sometimes blames the woman for such acts. If this act on the hood of your car happened in broad daylight, then you are aware of the inability for people to express their love for each other in private, which is more comfortable and relaxed. I guess I just think people who are so crass in having sex with women in public are liars and need help. You are seeing the reality of the situation...welll good luck and thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: I dreamt I got shot.

    To dream you are shot , could be a predictor of a problem with the part of your body WHERE YOU GOT SHOT. For instance you were shot in your shoulder could indicate a coming or present problem with that area.

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