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    Default Evil dream...need interpretation

    I've had this dream about six times now and need help interpretating. Every time I'll come into it at about 25% of the way through.I'll be somewhere with about twenty people with a large hill behind us and wildlife aroun.I'm searching for two people one I hope I won't find and I don't know why but I desperatly need to find the second. Then I see her a evil little girl up on the hill but can't make out her face, she has black hair and is in tatered clothes for some reason I'm the only one who can. Then she shifts into a evil lookin deer and heads my way. I hear crying so I turn around,a little girl about 12 years old can see her also as a evil deer.this is who I've been lookin for. She is with her mom. The deer comes up and everyone see a cute one but I see a evil tries getting close to the girl but I won't let it. Out of now were it eats a squirrel and her mom gets scared, I explain what is happening and she tries to kill the deer with a hammer( idk were she got it but it pisses it off) then out of no where about ten more run through the crowed and surowned her.they nock her down and begin eating her starting with her feet.I grab her daughter and run I can't see part of the middle but we end up in a trailer home with 3-4 others trying to make it safe ( it's really crappy doors Fallon off broken windows defiantly a poor choice.) I'm tying the door shut, then someone walks up asking about the girl, I can tell something is wrong. I guess his girlfriend is there but she runs out and hugs him then he kills her.again ge asks about the girl and more people show up.they all start trying to get in and the few of us are holding them back by any means necessary.I can't see more of the dream but then I'm at the end of it our door is completely broke off the hinges and I'm desperately trying to tie it on with rope then that guy comes in and cuts me with scissors as I stab him in the back. Then the door busts open and I'm lookin at the evil girl face to face. Then I wake up can anyone help me out sorry it's kinda long

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    Hello, Scfb.

    More than likley your stuggling with your values, what you believe to be right, and what you think about others doing things wrong. Your hero self comes out in the dream trying to save some, which might be innocent of something someone is putting on you. The deer is most likley someone trying to make themselves look innocent but are not, and this is what your struggling with.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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